Item#: S1900

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Wading Deer

66" h x 70" w
Item#: S1795

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Akita Puppies and Morning Glories

35" h x 63 5/8" w
S1833_ (1)
Item#: S1833

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Pine and Mountain Landscape

83" h x 74 1/2" w
Item#: S1840

Pair of Japanese Six Panel Screens: Bamboo Forest on Gold

68 1/4" h x 146 1/2" w
Item#: S1908AB

Pair of Japanese Six Panel Screens: Higashiyama Hills of Kyoto

67" h x 148" w
Item#: S1765

Japanese Single Panel Painting: Formal Abstraction

52.5" h x 65" w
Item#: S1767A

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Venerable Pine on Gold Leaf

67 1/2" h x 142 1/2" w
S1866_ (10)
Item#: S1866

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Moon and Wild Grasses

69 1/2" h x 149" w
Item#: S1888

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Flowering Vines and Wisteria

28 3/4" h x 73" w
Item#: S1916

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Nadeshiko on Gold Leaf

49" h x 49" w
S1779 (1)
Item#: S1779

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Mountain Landscape on Gold Silk

67.75" h x 73" w
Item#: S1823AB

Pair of Japanese Six Panel Screens: Four Seasons

60 1/2" h x 130 1/2" w
S1857_ (16)
Item#: S1857

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Mountains in the Mist with Tree-lined Foothills

67" h x 148 1/2" w
Item#: S1901

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Egrets in Japanese Red Pine with Gold Ground

70" h x 69 1/2" w
Item#: S1801

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Beautifully Colored, Wooded and Floral Landscape

60" h x 63 3/4" w
Item#: S1838

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Plum on Gold Leaf

67 3/8" h x 74 1/4" w
Item#: S1875

Japanese Single Wood Panel: Abstract Lines in Red and Gold Lacquer

51 1/2" h x 38 1/2" w
Item#: S1909AB

Pair of Japanese Six Panel Screens: Mifune Matsuri (River Fans Festival)

67 3/4" h x 147 1/2" w
Item#: S1770

Japanese Two Panel Screen: South Seas Fire Dancers

68 1/8" h x 75" w
Item#: S1799

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Manchurian Cranes in Water Landscape

59 1/4" h x 43 1/2" w
S1865_ (1)
Item#: S1865

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Snowy Mountain Landscape

68 1/2" h x 94" w
Item#: S1889

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Pine, Cherry, and Maple

45 1/2" h x 66 1/2" w
Item#: S1917

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Nadeshiko on Bamboo Trellis

49" h x 49" w
Item#: S1780

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Cranes in Flight over Golden Clouds on Paper

68" h x 75" w
Item#: S1769

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Moon Rising Through Autumn Grasses

69 5/8" h x 73 5/8" w
S1855_ (9)
Item#: S1855

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Recumbant Pheasant in Snow Laden Pine

68 3/4" h x 72" w
Item#: S1902

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Cherry Blossoms in Willow Landscape

69 1/2" h x 60" w
Item#: S1802

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Plain Mulberry Paper

60 1/8" h x 60 1/8" w
S1839_ (1)
Item#: S1839

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Snowy Landscape with Wood Ducks and Willow on Silver

35 3/4" h x 104" w
S1874_ (3).jpeg
Item#: S1874

Japanese Single Wood Panel: Lacquered Wild Grasses

63 1/4" h x 43 3/4" w