Japanese Two Panel Screen: Dragon in the Mist < >

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Dragon in the Mist

Ink (Sumi) on paper. Signature and Seal read: Kishi Ganku It is backed with paper covered in gold and silver flake. Kishi Ganku (1749 or 1756-1839) was the Edo period founder of the popular Kishi school of painting. Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, the former Kaga domain, little is known of his early career, but he came to Kyoto around 1773 where he quickly established a name for himself as a top painter, receiving Imperial commissions and patrons from the ruling classes, Samurai families and important business men. He was granted an imperial court position in 1804. He returned to Kanazawa in 1809, where he was made honorary governor of Echizen (Echizen no kami). However his longing for the stimulation of the capitol saw him return to Kyoto in 1813, where he would remain for most of the rest of his long life. He passed the torch to son Gantai (1782–1865), son-in-law Ganryo (1797–1852) and adopted son Renzan(1804–1859). He is held in the collection of the V&A, Ashmolean, New York Metropolitan, Chicago, the Walters, Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Freer among many many others.

69" h x 74.25" w
175.3cm h x 188.6cm w
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