Item#: S1827

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Scattered Fans

66.75" h x 147.5" w
Item#: S1813

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Textile with Abstract Design

60" h x 56 1/4" w
S1864_ (1)
Item#: S1864

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Bamboo with Calligraphy Poem

60" h x 47" w
Item#: S1788

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Various Trees in a Garden Landscape

69" h x 152" w
Item#: S1782

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima (An island in Hiroshima Bay)

67 5/8" h x 73" w
S1854_ (1)
Item#: S1854

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Red Maple, Chrysanthemum, Morning Glories and Blue Bell Flowers on Gold Silk

37 1/4" h x 109" w
Item#: S1807

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Tibetan Mountain Monastery

45 3/4" h x 104 1/2" w
S1842 (1)
Item#: S1842

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Gibbons in Trees

45" h x 65" w
S1873B_ (1).jpeg
Item#: S1873

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Flowers by River’s Edge

68 5/8" h x 68 5/8" w
Item#: S1828

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Egrets Under Willow

67.25" h x 148" w
Item#: S1814

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Abstract Lines and Orbs

42" h x 68 1/2" w
S1863_ (1)
Item#: S1863

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Herons on Snow Laden Branch

68 1/2" h x 100" w
Item#: S1790

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Dance of 50 Cranes on Gold Leaf

67" h x 150" w
Item#: S1830AB

Pair ofJapanese Six Panel Screens: Rimpa Flower Landscapes

69 3/4" h x 148" w
S1853_ (1)
Item#: S1853

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Peonies and Young Growth on Gold Silk

37 1/4" h x 109" w
Item#: S1808B

Japanese Single Panel: Moon Landscape

35 5/8" h x 47 5/8" w
S1843 together
Item#: S1843

Pair of Single Panel Screens – Lotus in Bloom

82 1/2" h x 39" w
S1872A_ (2).jpeg
Item#: S1872

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Flowers by River’s Edge

68 5/8" h x 68 5/8" w
Item#: S0752

Japanese Five Panel Screen: Uji Bridge

67.5" h x 128" w
Item#: S1815B

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Chrysanthemum Pavilion

47 1/2" h x 109 1/2" w
S1862_ (11)
Item#: S1862

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Pheasants Beneath Flowering Cherry

46 1/2" h x 114" w
Item#: S1791

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Beautifully Painted Sun Over Floral Lanscape with Gold Clouds

39 5/8" h x 49 3/8" w
S1835_ (16)
Item#: S1835

Japanese Six Panel Screen – Rimpa Flower Landscape

66" h x 145" w
S1852_ (1)
Item#: S1852

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Summer Flowers

60 1/4" h x 56 1/4" w
Item#: S1808A

Japanese Single Panel: Celestial Images

47 5/8" h x 35 5/8" w
S1844 (1)
Item#: S1844

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Garden Landscape on Silver

68 1/4" h x 138 1/2" w
S1871_ (1).jpeg
Item#: S1871

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Painted Fans on Gold Leaf

67" h x 55 1/2" w
Item#: S1776

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Spirited Horse and Grooms Under Cherry Tree

70.25" h x 73.75" w
Item#: S1816

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

68" h x 68 1/2" w
S1861C_ (1)
Item#: S1861B

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Simple Chrysanthemums on Gold

46 1/2" h x 39 1/4" w