Item#: S1773

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Snow Flakes Falling in the Forest

69.5" h x 69.75" w
Item#: S1808A

Japanese Single Panel: Celestial Images

47 5/8" h x 35 5/8" w
Item#: S1838

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Plum on Gold Leaf

67 3/8" h x 74 1/4" w
Item#: S1781

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Plain Silver Leaf on Paper

68.5" h x 71" w
Item#: S1814

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Abstract Lines and Orbs

42" h x 68 1/2" w
Item#: S1793

Japanese Eight Panel Screen: Owl in a Moonlit Landscape

41 3/4" h x 138 1/2" w
Item#: S1785

Pair of Japanese Six Panel Screens: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

67" h x 150" w
Item#: S1775

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Palms on Silver

66.75" h x 69" w
S1796 together
Item#: S1796

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Rabbits and Geese in Autumn

39 1/2" h x 49 1/4" w
S1839_ (1)
Item#: S1839

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Snowy Landscape with Wood Ducks and Willow on Silver

35 3/4" h x 104" w
Item#: S1783A

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Cherry Tree on Mulberry Paper

68" h x 147" w
Item#: S1815B

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Chrysanthemum Pavilion

47 1/2" h x 109 1/2" w
Item#: S1794

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Ocean Landscape, Rising Sun and Plum Branch on Gold Leaf

25 3/8" h x 66" w
Item#: S1782

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Itsukushima Shrine in Miyajima (An island in Hiroshima Bay)

67 5/8" h x 73" w
Item#: S1826

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Flowering Bush Clover

34.5" h x 70.5" w
Item#: S1800 A+B

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Exaggerated Mountain Landscape with Waterfalls and River

68" h x 50 7/8" w
S1841 (1)
Item#: S1841

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Autumn on Gold

65.5" h x 147.5" w
Item#: S1783B

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Red Maple on Mulberry Paper

68" h x 147" w
Item#: S1816

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Ikebana (Flower Arrangement)

68" h x 68 1/2" w
Item#: S1795

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Akita Puppies and Morning Glories

35" h x 63 5/8" w
Item#: S1830AB

Pair ofJapanese Six Panel Screens: Rimpa Flower Landscapes

69 3/4" h x 148" w
Item#: S1827

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Scattered Fans

66.75" h x 147.5" w
Item#: S1400

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Moon and Wild Grasses on Silver Leaf

70 1/2" h x 80" w
S1842 (1)
Item#: S1842

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Gibbons in Trees

45" h x 65" w
Item#: S1784

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Plain Silver on Paper

67.5" h x 150" w
Item#: S1817

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Carp and Bottom Grasses

67 1/8" h x 74" w
Item#: S1801

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Beautifully Colored, Wooded and Floral Landscape

60" h x 63 3/4" w
S1835_ (16)
Item#: S1835

Japanese Six Panel Screen – Rimpa Flower Landscape

66" h x 145" w
Item#: S1828

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Egrets Under Willow

67.25" h x 148" w
Item#: S1767A

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Venerable Pine on Gold Leaf

67 1/2" h x 142 1/2" w