S1854_ (1)
Item#: S1854

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Red Maple, Chrysanthemum, Morning Glories and Blue Bell Flowers on Gold Silk

37 1/4" h x 109" w
S1853_ (1)
Item#: S1853

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Peonies and Young Growth on Gold Silk

37 1/4" h x 109" w
S1852_ (1)
Item#: S1852

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Summer Flowers

60 1/4" h x 56 1/4" w
S1851_ (1)
Item#: S1851

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Autumn Maple and Quail

60 1/4" h x 56 1/4" w
S1850_ (1)
Item#: S1850

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Sun Over Cresting Waves with Golden Clouds

68" h x 74 1/2" w
S1849_ (1)
Item#: S1849

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Sun and Cresting Waves Through Maple

25 3/8" h x 66" w
S1848_ (1)
Item#: S1848

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Autumn Flowers and Moon on Gold

49 1/4" h x 92 1/2" w
S1846_ (27)
Item#: S1846

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Tosa School Painting of Theatre Scene

45 3/4" h x 111" w
Item#: S1840

Pair of Japanese Six Panel Screens: Bamboo Forest on Gold

68 1/4" h x 146 1/2" w
Item#: S1875

Japanese Single Wood Panel: Abstract Lines in Red and Gold Lacquer

51 1/2" h x 38 1/2" w
S1874_ (3).jpeg
Item#: S1874

Japanese Single Wood Panel: Lacquered Wild Grasses

63 1/4" h x 43 3/4" w
Item#: S1873

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Flowers by River’s Edge

68 5/8" h x 68 5/8" w
Item#: S1872

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Flowers by River’s Edge

68 5/8" h x 68 5/8" w
S1871_ (1).jpeg
Item#: S1871

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Painted Fans on Gold Leaf

67" h x 55 1/2" w
S1870_ (1).jpeg
Item#: S1870

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Lacquer Penguins

24 1/2" h x 69 1/2" w
Item#: S1882

Japanese Two Panel Screen: White Tiger Grotto

62 3/4" h x 60 1/2" w
Item#: S1885

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Mandarin Ducks Among Dry Lotus

43 3/4" h x 67" w
Item#: S1886

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Rimpa painting of Chrysanthemums

22 1/2" h x 67 1/2" w
Item#: S1887

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Horses in Stable

61" h x 61" w
Item#: S1888

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Flowering Vines and Wisteria

28 3/4" h x 73" w
Item#: S1889

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Pine, Cherry, and Maple

45 1/2" h x 66 1/2" w
Item#: S1894

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Cranes on Gold

66" h x 73" w
Item#: S1898

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Gold Embossed Dragons

67 3/4" h x 73" w
Item#: S1899

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Dramatic Splash by Suzuki Goro

71" h x 69" w
Item#: S1900

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Wading Deer

66" h x 70" w
Item#: S1901

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Egrets in Japanese Red Pine with Gold Ground

70" h x 69 1/2" w
Item#: S1902

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Cherry Blossoms in Willow Landscape

69 1/2" h x 60" w
Item#: S1903

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Lotus Leaves and Blossoms

65 1/4" h x 60" w
Item#: S1883

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Young Bamboo on Gold

63" h x 68" w
Item#: S1884

Japanese Six Panel Screen: The Burning of Nanto Temple (A Scene from the 12th Century Heike Wars)

40 1/4" h x 86" w