S1869_ (1)
Item#: S1869

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Cormorants on a Rocky Outcrop

59 1/2" h x 56" w
Item#: S1885

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Mandarin Ducks Among Dry Lotus

43 3/4" h x 67" w
Item#: S1913A

Japanese Six Panel Screen: ShiShi in River Landscape

72" h x 149" w
Item#: S1828

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Egrets Under Willow

67.25" h x 148" w
Item#: S1818

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Pomegranate Tree

67 3/8" h x 56 3/4" w
S1860_ (10)
Item#: S1860

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Clouds of Golden Mist

67 1/4" h x 149" w
Item#: S1897

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Maruyama Oyo’s Pine in Snow

67 3/4" h x 74 1/2" w
Item#: S1793

Japanese Eight Panel Screen: Owl in a Moonlit Landscape

41 3/4" h x 138 1/2" w
S1829_ (1)
Item#: S1829

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Abstract Design

35 3/4" h x 71 1/2" w
S1848_ (1)
Item#: S1848

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Autumn Flowers and Moon on Gold

49 1/4" h x 92 1/2" w
Item#: S1907B

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Monkeys on Gold

67 1/4" h x 150" w
S1796 together
Item#: S1796

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Rabbits and Geese in Autumn

39 1/2" h x 49 1/4" w
S1868_ (1)
Item#: S1868

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Golden Sun Through Turbulent Surf

36" h x 94 1/2" w
Item#: S1886

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Rimpa painting of Chrysanthemums

22 1/2" h x 67 1/2" w
Item#: S1913B

Japanese Six Panel Screen: ShiShi in River Landscape

72" h x 149" w
Item#: S0752

Japanese Five Panel Screen: Uji Bridge

67.5" h x 128" w
Item#: S1819

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Mother and Puppies Under Bamboo

67 7/8" h x 74 1/4" w
S1859_ (13)
Item#: S1859

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Sheep Resting Under Grape Arbor

68" h x 75" w
Item#: S1899

Japanese Two-Panel Screen: Dramatic Splash by Suzuki Goro

71" h x 69" w
Item#: S1794

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Ocean Landscape, Rising Sun and Plum Branch on Gold Leaf

25 3/8" h x 66" w
Item#: S1831

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Gold Flash

53 5/8" h x 108" w
S1846_ (27)
Item#: S1846

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Tosa School Painting of Theatre Scene

45 3/4" h x 111" w
Item#: S1915

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Waka Poems on Basketry Design

56 1/2" h x 113" w
Item#: S1800AB

Pair of Japanese Two Panel Screens: Exaggerated Mountain Landscape with Waterfalls and River

68" h x 50 7/8" w
S1867_ (11)
Item#: S1867

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Cranes Beneath an Orange Sun

51 1/4" h x 43 1/2" w
Item#: S1887

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Horses in Stable

61" h x 61" w
Item#: S1906

Japanese Six Panel Screen: Egrets in Flight

72" h x 150" w
Item#: S1778

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Craggy Mountain Landscape

67.5" h x 74.25" w
Item#: S1820

Japanese Two Panel Screen: Cherry and Forsythia

68 1/2" h x 79 1/4" w
S1858_ (1)
Item#: S1858

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Fisherman in Stormy Seas

65 1/2" h x 113" w