A5411_ (6).jpeg
Item#: A5411

Giant Oribe Platter with Grape Vine Design

4" h x 18" dia
Item#: A5412

Wood and Lacquer, Multi Armed Figure of Kannon

25 1/2" h x 8" w
A5420_ (16).jpeg
Item#: A5420

Tobacco Bon, Red Lacquer Tray with Black Lacquer Box

4" h x 15 1/4" w
Item#: A5425

Raku Style Glazed Round Bowl by Wakao Toshisada

3.5" h x 9.5" w
Item#: A5427

Bronze Tray in the form of a Grape Leaf

2" h x 7 1/2" w
RBK148_ (6).jpeg
Item#: RBK148

Japanese Very Fine Wood Carving of a Stag

9 7/8" h x 6" w
Item#: A5433

Takauchi Shugo Modern Green Vase

20 1/2" h x 15" w
Item#: A5437

Bronze Japanese Dog Sculpture (Possibly Akita)

7" h x 8" w
Item#: A5438

Portrait Sculpture of a Buddhist Monk

14" h x 12" w
Item#: A5455

Japanese Natural Wood Free Form Presentation Stand

35" h x 25" w
Item#: A5456

Japanese Natural Wood Free Form Presentation Stand

17.75" h x 18" w