Item#: NA1220

Pair of Japanese Rosewood and Bamboo Square Hibachi

13 1/2" h x 13" w
korean sculpture, korean ram, korean sheep, outdoor sculpture, outdoor garden sculpture, animal garden sculpture, antique korean sculpture, early korean sculpture, korean antique, antique korean sculpture
Item#: RBK212

Pair of 16th Century Korean Granite Ram Garden Sculptures

23 1/2" h x 43" w
Item#: NA1613

Pair of Chinese Export Bronze-Mounted Red Lacquer and Parcel-Gilt Cabinets

60 1/2" h x 36 1/4" w
Japanese bronze vase, Japanese bronze, Japanese vase, antique bronze vase, antique vase, rabbit vase, rabbit bronze, Japanese rabbit, bronze rabbit
Item#: NA1718

Meiji Period Bronze Peony Vase with Rabbit Design

10" h x 6 3/4" dia
Item#: JM311

Japanese Antique Flower Basket

13 1/2" h x 15 1/2" w
Item#: A4974

Japanese 18th Century Hand Warmer, Hibachi, With Copper Cover

10" h x 10 3/4" dia
Item#: A5163

Antique Japanese Ceramic Tray with Plum and Calligraphy Design

9 1/2" h x 8 1/4" w
japanese sculpture, japanese antique, japanese antique sculpture. garden sculpture, japanese garden sculpture, japanese garden, lion sculpture, antique lion sculpture, stone lion, japanese lion
Item#: RBK213

17th Century Japanese Stone Lion Garden Sculpture

24" h x 48" w
stone garden sculpture, stone buddha, buddha garden sculpture, chinese stone sculpture, chinese garden sculpture, outdoor sculpture
Item#: RBK216

Chinese Sculpture of Welcoming and Happy Buddha

52" h x 24" w
Item#: NA1700

Japanese Lacquer Hibachi (Brazier)

11 1/2" h x 14 1/2" w
Item#: A4848

Showa Period Japanese Green Lacquer Side Table

25 3/8" h x 35 1/4" w
Item#: NA1397

Pair of Modern Italian Deco Style Mirrors

32" h x 52" w
Item#: NA1554

Proto-Classical (50 BC – 250 AD) Red-Ground Pottery Seated Figure of a Man

11" h x 6 1/2" w
Item#: NA1067

Japanese Black Lacquer Battle Paddle

32 1/4" h x 20 1/4" w
japanese sculpture, japanese antique, japanese antique sculpture. garden sculpture, japanese garden sculpture, japanese garden
Item#: RBK201

Pair of Japanese ShiShi Granite Garden Sculptures

28" h x 31" w
chinese antique, large metal
Item#: NA1427

Massive Chinese Archaic Style Bronze Censer

25" h x 23" dia
Item#: NA1555

Proto-Classical (50 BC – 250 AD) Painted Pottery Figure of a Seated Male

12 3/4" h x 10" w
Item#: NA0817

American Early 19th Century Gilt Wood Sully Mirror

56 3/4" h x 46" w
Item#: NA1048

Japanese Two-Tier Root Stand for Flower Arrangements

36" h x 18" w
Item#: NA0591

Pair of Italian Venetian Glass Candelabra

25 1/4" h
Item#: A4203

Japanese Karatsu-Kiln Tokkuri (Sake Container)

10 1/2" h x 7" dia