Item#: A4974

Japanese 18th Century Hand Warmer, Hibachi, With Copper Cover

10" h x 10 3/4" dia
Item#: NA1657

Japanese Bronze Koro (Incense Burner) in the Shape of a Turkey

5 1/2" h x 5 1/2" w
Item#: NA1661

Japanese Antique Ikebana (Flower Arranging Basket)

14 1/2" h x 9" dia
Item#: NA1686

Spectacular Incense Box: Hills and River, Gold and Silver Chrysanthemums

9 1/2" h x 8" w
Item#: A5099

Japanese Ikebana (Flower Arranging Basket) by Teijo Sai

20 1/2" h x 15" dia
Item#: NA1700

Japanese Lacquer Hibachi (Brazier)

11 1/2" h x 14 1/2" w
Item#: A5121

Japanese Bronze Vase with Bird Handles

8 1/4" h x 5" w
antique plates, antique japanese plates, set of japanese plates, antique japanese plates, kochi ware, kochiware, antique ceramic plates
Item#: NA1729

Set of Ten Japanese Screen Shaped Ceramic Dishes

1" h x 6 1/2" w
balinese sculpture, balinese antique, garden sculpture, buddha sculpture, buddha garden sculpture
Item#: RBK203

Balinese Sleeping Buddha Garden Sculpture

22" h x 60" w
Item#: NA1397

Pair of Modern Italian Deco Style Mirrors

32" h x 52" w
Item#: NA1331

Japanese Black and Gold Temple Table

27" h x 14 1/2" w
Item#: NA1604

Japanese Flower Arranging Basket (Ikebana)

20 1/2" h x 10 3/4" dia
Item#: NA1699

Japanese Bronze Vase with Rabbit Design

9" h x 7" dia
Item#: NA1662

Japanese Antique Ikebana (Flower Arranging Basket)

14 1/2" h x 8 3/4" w
Item#: NA0591

Pair of Italian Venetian Glass Candelabra

25 1/4" h
Item#: A5106

Japanese Bronze Vase with Flying Fish Design

14" h x 6 1/2" dia
Item#: NA1669

Tall Japanese Antique Ikebana (Flower Arranging Basket)

29" h x 11 1/2" w
chinese antique, large metal
Item#: NA1427

Massive Chinese Archaic Style Bronze Censer

25" h x 23" dia
Japanese Scroll, Japanese Scrolls, Japanese Painting, Japanese Paintings, Japanese Art, Antique Japanese Painting, Japanese Antique, Japanese Antiques, Kakemono, Kakejiku
Item#: A5055

Mashiko-ware Plate with Moon and Buck and Doe

2 3/4" h x 20" w