Seated Wooden Figure with Compartments < >

Seated Wooden Figure with Compartments

A Chinese traces of polychrome, figure of the mythical hero Nezha seated on a narrow yoke armchair raised on a shaped rectangular plinth. Nezha is a protection deity in Chinese folk religion. It is said that Nezha performed many miraculous and heroic deeds in defense of the emperor, including the subjugation of the dragon king. The small oval lid on the back of the head opens to reveal an empty space. The oval lid on the back has written characters translating to: "commenced work in the Mao hour on the 14th day of the 2nd lunar month (5-7am on March 14th) and inserted (completed) in the ch'ou hour on the 24th day of the 4th lunar month (1-3am on May 18th) in the Chis Chen year during the reign of Wan Li" Provenance: Charlotte Horstmann & Gerald Godfrey Ltd. 1986

dated 1604
26 1/2" h x 15 1/2" w x 13" d
67.3cm h x 39.4cm w x 33cm d
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