Item#: NA1561

Casa Grandes Polychrome Pottery Jar

9" h x 9 1/2" dia
Japanese art, Japanese antique, Japanese ceramic, Japanese vase, modern Japanese vase, modern Japanese art
Item#: A5213

Modern Japanese Black and White Ceramic Tsubo (Storage Jar)

13 1/4" h x 12 1/2" dia
west african clay pot
Item#: NA1737

Antique West African Clay Container

12 1/2" h x 14" dia
Japanese art, Japanese antique, Japanese ceramic, Japanese vase, gennaiware
Item#: A5189

18th Century Japanese Gennai-Ware Vase

14 1/8" h x 8 1/4" dia
Japanese bronze vase
Item#: NA1104

Antique Japanese Bronze Vase With Herons and Wild Grasses

14 1/2" h
Japanese lacquer, Japanese antique, antique lacquer, Japanese antique lacquer,Japanese art, lacquer tray, antique tray, Japanese tray, mingei
Item#: A5204

19th Century Japanese Red Lacquer Tray with Rabbit Running Over Waves Under Full Moon

1 3/4" h x 14 1/4" dia
Japanese Vase, Japanese Antique, Imari, Imari Vase
Item#: NA1433

Large Spectacular Multi-Colored Imari Vase

18 3/4" h x 15" dia
Item#: NA0553

Pair of Japanese Rosewood and Bamboo Round Hibachi

16 1/2" h x 16" dia
Item#: NA1622

French Cobalt Based Clear Glass Vase

14 3/4" h x 6 3/4" dia
Item#: NA0878

Japanese Dark Brown Lacquer Hibatchi with Gold Mons

7 1/2" h x 12" dia
Item#: JM233

18th Century Bronze Censer of a Boy Riding a Bull

5 1/2" h x 5" w
chinese lacquer, chinese vermilion, chinese antique, chinese art
Item#: A5205

Chinese Vermilion Round Tray Dated 1862

1 1/4" h x 10 1/2" dia
Japanese ceramic, Kintsugi, Japanese Kintsugi, Shigaraki, kintsugi ceramic, Shigaraki plate, antique plate, antique ceramic plate
Item#: NA1722

Shigaraki Kintsugi Embellished Plate

7" h x 9 5/8" w
Item#: A5141

Pair of Japanese Large Bronze Vases with Turtles and Cranes

19 3/4" h x 13" dia
Japanese antique, Japanese sculpture, mingei
Item#: A0345

Mingei Carving of Lion and Cub Okimono in Boxwood

8 1/4" h x 10 1/2" w