Item#: A5316

Japanese Ceramic Form of a Human Skull with a Snake

6 1/4" h x 5" w
Item#: NA1783

Japanese Wave Design Studio Vase

12 1/4" h x 12 1/2" dia
A5404_ (6).jpeg
Item#: A5404

Pair of Lacquer on Wood, Pillow Shaped Boxes

4" h x 14" w
Item#: A5259

Japanese Flower Arranging (Ikebana) Basket

17 1/2" h x 15 1/2" w
Item#: A5356

Pair of Japanese, Blue and White Abstract Form Dishes by Nakashima Katsunori

7 1/2" h x 12" w
A5375_ (2).jpeg
Item#: A5375

Habon (also spelled Jabon) Leaf Tray

1" h x 22 1/4" w
Item#: A5261

Ceramic Box Decorated in a Textile Design by: Kato Shigemi

5" h x 24" w
Item#: A5425

Raku Style Glazed Round Bowl by Wakao Toshisada

3.5" h x 9.5" w
Item#: A5293

Japanese Hard Wood Carving of a Puppy

4" h x 5 1/2" w
A5376_ (1).jpeg
Item#: A5376

Large Habon (also spelled Jabon) Leaf Tray

1" h x 29" w
Item#: A5322B

Black Lacquer and Maki-e Stand with a Silver Rim

8 1/2" h x 9 3/4" w
Item#: NA1785

Japanese Ceramic, Painted White Rabbit

10" h x 7" w
A5407_ (1).jpeg
Item#: A5407

Three piece Lacquer and Wood Game Box (Hokai)

17 1/2" h x 14 3/4" w
Item#: A5262

Massive Open Vessel by Shinkai Kanzan

22 1/2" h x 16" dia