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Writing Box (Suzuribako) and Tray

The finely painted black lacquer and raised gold work dramatizes the vigor in the box cover and drama on the tray. Inside of the box is a water landscape with water cresting with gold accents on tips of the waves. Also the reverse cover of the box is same subject matter only has a raised silver moon. The box is fitted with a heavy silver suiteke (water droper) with a beautiful design of pluvers flying over waves set above cresting silver waves. The tray also imbued with a high sense of drama shows the dragon counterpart undulating through dense clouds beneath Mount Fuji (the God Volcano) The Four Elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water and the spiritual realm are represented in the combination of the pieces. The tray is mounted with bronze corner covers. The writing box has original storage box. Box measurements: 2 1/4"h. x 9"w. x 10 1/2"d. Tray measurements: 4 1/2"h. x 25"w. x 14 1/4"d. The pair was featured in an Architectural Digest editorial essay "Antique Writing Boxes, Lacquer Treasures, a Scholarly Pursuit." The caption below the photograph of the piece read, "Reflecting the influence of Nature in Japanese art, a tiger (symbolising power) sits on a windswept promontory. Naga Antiques, Ltd., New York City."

c.1800 Late Edo
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