stone garden sculpture, stone buddha, buddha garden sculpture, chinese stone sculpture, chinese garden sculpture, outdoor sculpture
Item#: RBK216

Chinese Sculpture of Welcoming and Happy Buddha

52" h x 24" w
japanese sculpture, japanese antique, japanese antique sculpture. garden sculpture, japanese garden sculpture, japanese garden
Item#: RBK201

Pair of Japanese ShiShi Granite Garden Sculptures

28" h x 31" w
Japanese antique, antique shop sign, kanban, Japanese calligraphy, Antique Calligraphy
Item#: A2617

Pair of Very Early Temple Calligraphy Panels

65" h x 8" w
Item#: NA0772

African Dan Mask From the Ivory Coast of Africa

13" h
Item#: NA0458

Chinese Grey Stone Scholar’s Rock

55" h x 30" w
Item#: NA1030

Japanese Carved Wooden Tray with Open Wood Border

Item#: NA1612

Pre-Columbian Style Carved Jade Mask Pendant Head

2" h x 1 1/2" w
Item#: A5128

Japanese Burl Presentation Platform

1 1/2" h x 33" w
Item#: NA1039

Yoruba West African Sculpture of Ancestor Couple

14 1/4" h
Item#: NA1410

English Oak Miniature Stool with Flower Design on Top

7 1/4" h x 11 3/4" w
Item#: A5119

Antique Japanese Rustic Burl Bowl

5" h x 19 1/2" dia
Item#: NA0948

Gilt Wood Shelf in the Shape of a Shell

20" h x 11" w
Item#: NA1043

Japanese Delicate and Rare Hand Towel Rack

22 3/4" h x 24 1/2" w
Item#: NA1162

Grand Tour Cararra Marble Sculpture of Psyche of Capua

18 1/2" h x 10 1/4" w
Item#: NA1024

Indonesian Coconut Chopping Block of a Bunny

6 1/2" h x 5 1/4" w