Item#: NA1751

Beautifully Decorated Towel Rack

25 1/2" h x 30" w
Item#: NA1769

Large Model of a Painted and Brass-Mounted Mahogany Yacht

72" h x 70" w
Item#: A5293

Japanese Hard Wood Carving of a Puppy

4" h x 5 1/2" w
Item#: NA1781

Japanese Burl Slab as an offering platform.

1 1/2" h x 22 1/2" w
Item#: NA1786

Hallowed Out Burl Wood Presentation Stand

19" h x 17" w
mingei, japanese antique, japanese sculpture
Item#: A0408

Antique Japanese Keyaki Wood Carved Cat

5" h x 8.5" w
Japanese antique, Japanese sculpture, mingei
Item#: A0345

Mingei Carving of Lion and Cub Okimono in Boxwood

8 1/4" h x 10 1/2" w
Japanese antique, Antique Tray, Japanese tray, Japanese rattan, rattan, heart, heart tray, rattan tray, antique tray
Item#: NA1733

Heart Shaped Rattan and Bamboo Tray

15" h x 15 1/8" w
japanese art, japanese antique, japanese wood carving, japanese sign, kanban, shop sign, antique shop sign
Item#: RBK167

Antique Japanese Kanban (Shop Sign)

46 1/2" h x 26" w
Japanese antique, Japanese art, Japanese root stand
Item#: NA1739

Large 19th Century Japanese Burl Wood Presentation Tray

6 1/2" h x 30" w
Japanese antique, antique tray, Japanese tray, lotus leaf, antique wood tray, Japanese art
Item#: A5181

19th Century Carved Lotus Leaf Tray

8" h x 9 1/2" w
Japanese art, Japanese antique, buddhist sculpture, shinto sculpture, heian art, antique sculpture, Japanese sculpture, Japanese buddha
Item#: A5199

Heian Period (794 – 1185) Buddhist Wood Shinzo

22" h x 12 5/8" w