Vase with Cherry Blossom Design < >

Vase with Cherry Blossom Design

with heavy glaze drip. Signature carved into the bottom reads: Ito Tozan II Original signed wooden box. Notes about the artist: Ito Tozan I (1846-1920) began as a painter in the Maruyama school studying under Koizumi Togaku. In 1862 he became a pupil of Kameya Kyokutei, as well as studying under Takahashi Dohachi III and Kanzan Denshichi (who made the dishes for the imperial table). In 1867, with the fall of the Edo government, he opened his kiln in Eastern Kyoto. Much prized at home, he was also recognized abroad at the Amsterdam, Paris and Chicago World Expositions. With an emphasis on Awata and Asahi wares of Kyoto, he began to use the name Tozan around 1895. In 1917 he was named a member of the Imperial Art Academy, one of only five potters ever given that title, and like his teacher Denshichi, created the dishes from which the Imperial family would eat. He worked very closely with his adopted son, Ito Tozan II (1871-1937). He too began life as a painter, but his talent was seen by Tozan I, who adopted him and converted him to pottery, where he both succeeded and excelled as a member of one of Kyotos most well known pottery families. Although Tozan I was most well known for earthenware, Tozan II expanded the family name to become quite popular in porcelain. With only 17 years of production, works signed by him are rare. He was succeeded by his son Tozan III (1901-1970).

13" h x 13" diam
33cm h x 33cm diam
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