Pair of Inari Foxes < >

Pair of Inari Foxes

Inari Shrine Figures. This rare pair of stone sculptures are from a Japanese shrine dedicated to a complex deity originally worshipped during pre-Buddhist times as a spirit of good. Eventually incorporated into Shinto-ism, this deity now embodies protection of wealth, health and children. The shrine associated with these sculptures is the highest ranking shrine in Japan. Carved from granite on bases with flaming pearls. Inari Shrine was dedicated to a pre-historic princess who is said to have taught the Japanese how to grow rice. Although Inari is Shinoistic, it was founded by a Buddhist priest and is therefore considered Buddhist/Shintoist with its torii painted red. The Inari Festival is celebrated on the first zodiac day of the Horse every year which usually falls on the 2nd or 3rd day of February. The name of the honored princess was Ugatama.

29.25" h x 16.75" w x 10.75" d
74.3cm h x 42.5cm w x 27.3cm d
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