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Nashiji Lacquer Armor Trunk with Bamboo Design

Edo period, c. 1850, karabitsu (large decorative trunk for armor, clothing, and Buddhist texts) in gold lacquer with some green accents on the leaves. Incised bronze mounts. Crest of Matsudaira on center mounts. Also associated with the Kamo Shrine in Kyoto. Adopted as the holy emblem for that institution. The family crest of the greatest bloodlines in Japanese history, the Tokugawa. Both shoguns and branch families bearing the name Matsudaira used variations of the hollyhock as the family crest. Along with the chrysanthemum and the paulownia, the hollyhock was the most prestigious of family crests. Because of the beautiful and impressive lacquer work of this piece, it was very likely used at the end of the Tokugawa Period in one of the large palaces of the Shogunate.

c. 1850
26 1/4" h x 45 1/2" w x 30 1/2" d
66.7cm h x 115.6cm w x 77.5cm d x 0cm diam
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