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Japanese Two Panel Lacquer Screen: Under the Waves With Kelp Flowing in the Current

Showa period (1926 - 1989) lacquer painted screen on lacquered wood with wonderful depth and detail of an underwater view of kelp undulating with the current. Intricate lacquer work on a three dimensional surface including contour lines in the current, pieces of silver leaf and MOP embedded in the lacque. Beautifully painted seashells are interspersed in the kelp including scallop, conch, and sea anemone. An impressive amount of lacquer work on a large scale. Signature reades: Sakae.

First half of the 20th century
68 1/4" h x 67" w x 1" d
173.4cm h x 170.2cm w x 2.5cm d
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Price Range
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