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Japanese Two Panel Screen: Manchurian Crane and Turtles

In Japan, cranes symbolize fidelity as they mate for life and turtles symbolize longevity. Additionally, this screen also has the Japanese motif of sho-chiku-bai, or the three friends of winter (pine, plum, and bamboo). So called the three friends of winter because all three flourish during the cold months. This screen was originally fusuma doors for either a temple or an important household due to evidence of very large door pulls. Kano school painting in mineral pigments, including an invigorating green and blue, on mulberry paper with a black frame. One of a pair, sold separately.

c. 1850
67" h x 63 1/4" w
170.2cm h x 160.7cm w
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Price Range

Price Range
  • $0-$5,000
  • $5,001-$10,000
  • $10,001-$25,000
  • $25,001-$50,000
  • $50,001-$100,000
  • over $100,000