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Japanese Six Panel Screen: Wedding Procession

A bride walking with ladies on their way to a shinto shrine. The bride is following a go-between lady, and she is followed by two attendants. Wonderful Western details seldom seen in screens painted at the time such as the bicycle and Western style hat. Beautifully painted reactions of the curious onlookers, soft pigments on silk. Signature reads Bokutei, Seal reads Kishū Bokutei. Screen is painted by Ōmata Bokutei (1879 - 1951). In his early career he painted by the name Kuntarō. He studied with Morikawa Keibun and Kikuchi Hōbun.

c. 1920
67" h x 148 1/2" w x 3/4" d
170.2cm h x 377.2cm w x 1.9cm d
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