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Japanese Six Panel Screen: Battle of Yashima from the Heike Monogatari

Yamato-e painting depicting a great land and sea battle, the Battle of Yashima, March 22, 1185. The Heike were flushed from the mountainous and protected area in Dazaifu, across the narrow sea to Yashima, (modern day Takamatsu). General Yoshitsune of the Genji (white flags), tried to cross the sea to get to Yashima, but his boats were damaged in bad weather. He regrouped 150 of his men into 5 of his boats and reached the makeshift palace of the Heike (red flags) under cover. Yoshitsune knew he had few men, and that the Heike were expecting an attack from the sea, so he lit fires inland. The Heike saw the fires, and thought they were being attacked by a very large army from the land. Everyone abandoned the palace, including the emperor and his family, and fled to their boats. Once a safe distance away, Heike horsemen confronted the Genji and realized they had been fooled. Kano School painting in mineral pigments and gold dust on mulberry paper with silk brocade border.

18th Century
66 3/4" h x 147" w x 3/4" d
169.5cm h x 373.4cm w x 1.9cm d
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