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Japanese Scroll: Actor and Assistant by Okumura Masanobu

Actor and Assistant by Okumura Masanobu (1686-1764). Signed Hogetsudo Okumura Masanobu zu, sealed Masanobu, and inscribed with a haiku. The poem reads: "Murasaki no/ chirite shirazaya/ kimi itoshi." The translation: Murasaki is falling as I realize I am missing you. Murasaki is the word for purple, but also purple flowers like violets and wisteria. It's a play on words, because purple petals from flowers fall, but also the woman's robe is purple. Painting 31 1/2" h x 11 3/8" w. Overall 65" h x 15 3/4" w

Early 18th century
65" h x 15 3/4" w
165.1cm h x 40cm w
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