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Antique Japanese Woodblock Print of a Parody of Kibi no Makibi

This woodblock print is a lighthearted reference to folklore surrounding a Japanese scholar, Kibi no Makibi (695 - 775), as portrayed by two women. The legend is that one day, when Makibi was stuck on solving a problem, he was reading and suddenly a spider appeared in front of him. The surprise of the spider caused him to have an epiphany and he was able to solve the problem. This print features a pair of fashionably dressed women acting out that famous moment. One woman reads while another woman lowers a spider on a string- a humorous way to induce a eureka moment. The title of the book is, Choshuko. Signature on lower left reads: Koryu-ga. This is the signature of the samurai-turned-artist, Isoda Koryusai (1735 - 1790), a prolific print artist of the 18th century. Woodblock print in excellent condition, has not been trimmed. Comes mounted, matted and framed. Dimensions listed are with the frame.

18th century
31" h x 8 3/4" w x 1/2" d
78.7cm h x 22.2cm w x 1.3cm d
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