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Japanese Lacquer Tray with Intricate Designs

This lacquer tray uses several lacquer techniques including multi-color painting of flowers, ito-me (thread pattern) and shell inlay. The artist was Shimano Sanshu (1877 - 1965). He was from Kanazawa in Noto province, which is an area known for making lacquer. He studied lacquer work under Tsuruta Wasaburo, maki-e lacquer under Matsuoka Kippei, and painting under Kishinami Ryukei. He eventually moved to Osaka, and showed his work internationally (Chicago, Paris, Belgium, and others). Comes in original wood signed storage box. Calligraphy on the box dates the tray as Showa 9 (or 1934).

Dated 1934
1 1/4" h x 15 1/4" diam
3.2cm h x 38.7cm diam
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