Japanese Bronze Stag With Third Eye < >

Japanese Bronze Stag With Third Eye

Because this deer has a third eye, it most likely represents a divine deer. The Kasuga Shrine in Nara, where deer are considered sacred, has one story in particular where a deer carried a deity from heaven to the shrine where the god could be worshipped and act as protector. This deer is by artist Kitahara Sankei (1895 - 1972). The signature reads, Sanka saku, which translates to "made by Sanka", (an alternative translation to Sakei). This deer was exhibited in the 11th Nitten exhibition in 1930, and an identical deer appears in the book, Deco Japan. Japanese hakudo bronze (bronze with high silver content) with gold eyes.

c. 1920
8" h x 12" w x 5 1/4" d
20.3cm h x 30.5cm w x 13.3cm d x 0cm diam
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