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Heian Period (794 – 1185) Buddhist Wood Shinzo

This type of sculpture was made within the Honji Suijaku sect of Buddhism (a cross between Buddhism and Shintoism that formed during the Heian period). Honji Suijaku literally translates to “original ground and its traces”, which is the belief that gods would visit the earth as deities in human form in order to help and guide people directly. A Shinzo is a Shinto sculpture of a god. During the Heian period, Shinzos in human form became more popular. This sculpture is a combination between a Jizo figure (a protective spirit) and a Priest God called Zogyo Hachiman. Carved from a single piece of hinoki wood (ichiboku zukuri).

Heian period (794 - 1185)
22" h x 12 5/8" w x 9 1/4" d
55.9cm h x 32.1cm w x 23.5cm d
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