Ceramic Fishing Basket by Ito Tozan (1846-1920) < >

Ceramic Fishing Basket by Ito Tozan (1846-1920)

It is decorated with a frog on the rim and three woven loop ties where a fastner or rope would be applied. Seal on bottom reads: Tozan Original Kiri-wood box. About the artist: The Ito family, spanned three generations. Ito Tozan I (1846-1920) began his artistic career studying painting in the Shijo manner under Koizumi Togaku before moving to the plastic arts under a number of teachers, including Takahashi Dohachi. He began using the name Tozan in 1895 and later received a number of prizes from the imperial family, as well as being internationally acclaimed in the Paris, Chicago and Amsterdam Exhibitions. He was named a member of the prestigious Imperial Art Academy in 1917, three years before his death. He worked very closely with his adopted son, Ito Tozan II (1871-1937). He too began life as a painter, but his talent was seen by Tozan I, who adopted him and converted him to pottery, where he both succeeded and excelled as a member of one of Kyotos most well known pottery families. The line unfortunately died with the third Tozan in 1970.

5 3/8" h x 9 1/2" w x 9 1/2" d
13.7cm h x 24.1cm w x 24.1cm d
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