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18th Century Japanese Scroll: Scene from Isemonogatari (Tales of Ise)

The Tales of Ise are a collection of poems and prose written in the 10th century, believed to be based on the life of Ariwara no Narihira (825 - 880). The Ise Monogatari is one of Japan's most important and influential works of literature. This painting might depict Chapter 9 in which the protagonist observes Mt. Fuji in his travels with two attendants. Signature reads: Tosa jikan Mitsuoki Nitsu. Tosa Mitsuoki (1617 - 1691). Painting measures: 14 ½” h. x 21” w. Overall measurement: 47 1/2" h x 26" w.

18th century
47 1/2" h x 26" w
120.7cm h x 66cm w
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