Item#: S1970

Chinese Single Panel: Chinese Painting of Tiger

38" h x 50" w
Item#: S1942

Japanese Single Panel Screen: Blooming Magnolia (Mokuren).

76 1/2" h x 43 1/4" w
S1874_ (3).jpeg
Item#: S1874

Japanese Single Wood Panel: Lacquered Wild Grasses

63 1/4" h x 43 3/4" w
Item#: S1875

Japanese Single Wood Panel: Abstract Lines in Red and Gold Lacquer

51 1/2" h x 38 1/2" w
Item#: S1845

Framed Japanese Painting on Silk – Court Figures in a Garden Landscape

39 1/2" h x 35 7/8" w
Item#: S1808B

Japanese Single Panel: Moon Landscape

35 5/8" h x 47 5/8" w
Item#: S1765

Japanese Single Panel Painting: Formal Abstraction

52.5" h x 65" w
Item#: S1010

Japanese Single Panel Painting: Three Children Gazing At The Sea

60 1/2" h x 48 1/2" w
Item#: S1381

Japanese Single Panel Painting: Moon and Plum Design (Winter Scene)

78 1/2" h x 45" w
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Item#: S1025

Japanese Four Panel Screen: Seasonal Poems

54 3/4" h x 27 3/4" w