Japanese antique, antique gong, japanese temple
Item#: A5075

Japanese 19th Century Temple Gong

28 1/2" h x 18" dia
Item#: JM233

18th Century Bronze Censer of a Boy Riding a Bull

5 1/2" h x 5" w
Item#: A3775

Edo Period Japanese Pounded Bronze Finial

36" h x 17 1/2" w
Item#: A5141

Pair of Japanese Large Bronze Vases with Turtles and Cranes

19 3/4" h x 13" dia
Item#: A3342

Japanese Shakudo Vase With Peonies

10 1/2" h x 3 3/4" dia
Item#: NA1657

Japanese Bronze Koro (Incense Burner) in the Shape of a Turkey

5 1/2" h x 5 1/2" w
Japanese bronze vase, Japanese bronze, Japanese vase, antique bronze vase, antique vase, rabbit vase, rabbit bronze, Japanese rabbit, bronze rabbit
Item#: NA1718

Meiji Period Bronze Peony Vase with Rabbit Design

10" h x 6 3/4" dia
chinese antique, large metal
Item#: NA1427

Chinese Archaic Style Massive Bronze Censer

25" h x 23" dia
Item#: NA1715

Fokker 1938 Trimotor Model Airplane

5 3/4" h x 39" w
Item#: A5115

Japanese Large Bronze Vase With Carp Design

12 1/2" h x 15" dia
Item#: NA0749

Bronze Art Deco Sculpture of a Pair of French Greyhounds

18" h x 28" w
Item#: A4867

Japanese Antique Bronze Vase with Archaic Swirl Design and Large Handles

11 3/4" h x 10 1/2" w
Japanese Scroll, Japanese Scrolls, Japanese Painting, Japanese Paintings, Japanese Art, Antique Japanese Painting, Japanese Antique, Japanese Antiques, Kakemono, Kakejiku
Item#: A5053

Japanese 19th Century Pair of Playful Bronze Puppies

3 1/2" h x 6 1/2" w
Item#: A5139

Abstract Japanese Bronze Vase with Mixed Metal

13 1/4" h x 6 1/2" dia
Item#: A4703

Pair of 18th Century Japanese Buddhist Temple Headdress and Necklace Ornaments

31" h x 17" w
Item#: NA0664

Pair of French Green Painted Garden Urns

18" h x 24" w
Item#: A4844

Japanese Antique Bronze Sculpture of Turtles

3" h x 5 1/2" w
Item#: A5121

Japanese Bronze Vase with Bird Handles

8 1/4" h x 5" w
Item#: NA1699

Japanese Bronze Vase with Rabbit Design

9" h x 7" dia
Item#: NA1172

Japanese Bronze Vase with Red Splash Patina

9 3/4" h x 10" w
Item#: NA1469

Bronze Duck by Modern Art Foundry

15 3/4" h x 12" w
Item#: A5106

Japanese Bronze Vase with Flying Fish Design

14" h x 6 1/2" dia